Hi! I’m Andy, but in the online realm I typically go by “sdstig” which is pronounced SD Stig or just Stig for short. I say that because people typically refer to me as “sd” or “sds” likely due to the lack of capitals in my alias; though the latter I find to be quite strange. Simply referring to me as “sd” can be kind of confusing sometimes, particularly when someone else has it in their name, which is not uncommon. This is not something that upsets me or anything, it would just be easier if people knew how to say my alias properly. The name originates from my PSN name when I first got my PS3 and I’ve stuck with it ever since. Chances are, if you see an sdstig anywhere online, it is most likely me. The “SD” refers to where I’m from (San Diego, California) and “Stig” refers to the Top Gear character: The Stig.

Anyways, my blog will consist of all sorts of things. Likely my many interests including: video games, comics, cars, and movies. That said, I’ll post about whatever pops into my head. Opinions are purely my own unless otherwise stated.